Derek Sommer

Owner / Consultant

Derek Sommer is passionate about three things when it comes to business: processes, accountability and job satisfaction.  His passion for processes and process problem solving started after graduating from Western Michigan University with a degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Mathematics.  He has dedicated the last 25 years to helping companies become more effective and accountable with their processes.  

In 1997, to aid in these efforts, Sommer started Spud Software Inc. supporting his dedication to implementing solutions using software and technical infrastructure.  The growth of Spud is a testament to his incredible experience as Sommer has worked with hundreds of clients over the years.

Sommer is still the owner and CEO of Spud Software, but he dedicates the majority of his time to Spud Group; a consulting firm dedicated to process documentation, implementation and maintenance.  Sommer found that there was not an affordable Sales Tracking, Project Management and Invoicing solution for small businesses so he created process and cost management software called PACManager. This proprietary solution was designed and created by Sommer from the start of his first business, Spud, and can be customized to each business’ unique needs quicker and much more affordable than other solutions.

It is only through the processes and routine from which he has created that allows Sommer the flexibility of being an owner and CEO of three companies. Those skills were learned by his own experience; the experience of working with hundreds and companies, reading countless books, attending conferences and user groups, and watching videos. Sommer is as devoted to continually learning as he is to all three of his businesses.

When Sommer isn’t on the job, he is supporting his wife’s passion of saving domestic and farm animals at Lucky Day Animal Rescue, on their 96 acre farm. He spends time with his three grown children and enjoys taking a crack at being a “gentleman farmer“.

Phone: (810) 695-0001


9478 S. Saginaw Street, Grand Blanc, MI 48439